I am the Director - Digital Delivery with Layer One Media; helping organizations build meaningful connections with their customers through Web Experience, B2B Commerce and B2B Digital solutions.

I have 25+ years of software craftsmanship experience with Agile methodology, DevOps practices and the Microsoft tech stack.

Particular technology interests include:

... to name a few.

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While I truly enjoy technology, gadgets, and software development, I have also learned that I enjoy many aspects of operating a business, including helping team members grow and working with engaged clients to better their business.

When I'm not working, my personal interests and hobbies include anything aviation (airshows, museums, biographies, etc.). I have been an EAA member for years; visiting AirVenture annually. If you've ever turned your head toward the sky at the faint sound of an airplane off in the distance, you need to visit Oshkosh!

I also enjoy spending time with family & friends, traveling & camping.