So as last week came to an end, so did the EAA Airventure for 2011.  For a few days each summer, Oshkosh, WI becomes the aviation hub of the world. I normally make the pilgrimage each year for at least a day, but this year I was unable to go.  However, there were two things that helped me stay connected during this year's event:

  1. twitter: The hashtag #OSH11 was introduced well in advance and let me tell you, the aviation community is plugged in!  Everything ranging from weather updates, company announcements, to awesome pictures and videos were shared over twitter.  And with the social media tool tweetdeck, I created a twitter search for #OSH11 and watched the tweets roll in.
  2. Oshkosh365.org: The EAA has created a community website that offers live webcams and ATC feeds for members to watch and listen. So even though I didn't step foot on the EAA grounds this summer, I still watched two of the airshows including the Saturday night show.  Okay, so it's not the same thing as actually being there to see, hear and smell the goodness - it was the next best thing!

So, as I write this, I am already planning on attending next year.  I may even take the camper and stay for a couple days and invite some friends along.

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I am a nerd that loves creating technology solutions with interests in mobile & web development, agile, devops, cloud and building teams. I am also an aviation geek that loves traveling and camping.

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